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Seller FAQs

How much can I earn on my items?

Item Sale Price Commission Rate Your Earnings
$0-50 35%  $0-18
$51-100 45% $23-45
$101-200 55% $56-110
$201-300 60% $121-180
$301+ 65% $195+

How are items priced?

Our pricing is set based on market rates for comparable products on various factors, such as the category,
brand, age, and condition. We reserve the right to change prices on our website at any time. Because both the
seller and BabyLuxe earn a % of the sale price revenue, we are mutually incentivized to price items as high as
market conditions dictate in order to maximize revenue.

What happens if items are unable to be sold after a certain period of time?

As a limited time offer, for any items received before June 1st, 2024, if your items are not sold within 3 months
from listing date, we will give you a 15% advance on your commission. Thereafter, and for any items received
after June 1st, we will continue to hold and list items that haven’t sold, unless you request us to return them to
you. If you request a return, we will need to collect back any advances taken and charge for return shipping.
Keep in mind that seasonal items may take a longer time to sell (e.g., snowsuits).

Can I request to take my items back?

Yes. You can request that we return any unsold items to you at any time. If this happens, we will need to
reverse any commission advance credits that you may have earned, and charge for return shipping.

How will I get paid when my item(s) sell(s)?

If you prefer a physical check, we will mail it to you within 7 business days of your item selling. If you prefer
digital payment, we will issue payment to you via PayPal or Direct Deposit, provided you have given us all of
the required information. Keep in mind that digital payments may take up to 3-5 business days to process.

You can direct all questions, concerns, and inquiries to We commit to
respond to you within 48 hours.